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Our Story

Knitted, felted mens accessories by Victoria Sugden. New Designers, London 2005
Knitted, felted mens accessories by Victoria Sugden Designs

Victoria Sugden Designs story, is, like many sucess stories, filled with struggles, poverty and humble beginnings.
It started with a dream. The dream was made reality through determination and passion and staying positive and focused.

It's a story of hope and encouragement, a story of how one persons passion for her work can be turned into a dream come true.

Victoria was a young, single mother when she began her studies at The University of Huddersfield.
She graduated with a BA (Hons) 2:1 in Textile Crafts in 2005

Her final degree exhibition called “Eeh Bah Gum”, was a collection of knitted, felted, men's accessories. 
It was an expression of old Yorkshire mills and the Yorkshire dialect, with sayings sewn into the fabric.
"Eeh Bah Gum  was chosen as one of a select few to be awarded a stand at New Designers in London. 
Victoria was overwhelmed with the opportunity which created many influential contacts.

During her degree Victoria dreamed of having a studio and her own business, designing, 
making and selling accessories.  When she had finished her studies, she began making 
knitted accessories from home and selling them at art and craft fairs. 

Soon the accessories became predominantly bags, knitted & felted, fabric and eventually leather.
 A website was created and an online shop, and Victoria kept creating and designing bags
and learning new skills and techniques while holding down other jobs and raising her children.
Patchwork and recycling has been a strong theme throughout -
 possibly a subconscious reaction to life's struggles and holding and patching everything together.

In 2009 Victoria was contacted by a boutique who had seen her work online. She began to design and make

leather bags for them, as well as continuing to sell online and at events.
Business continued to grow and In 2011 Victoria began renting studio and workshop space
 and was designing and making one off,unique leather bags.

                                         Early in 2014 the business  became Victoria Sugden Designs and demand for the unique leather bags was huge
.                                        Sales went up and by December 2014 the online shop was soaring. The website and online shop were
                                          updated with the new designs. From early 2015 online interest and online orders skyrocketed further,
                                         with demand higher than possible production rate.

In 2017, Victoria Sugden Designs recieved a personal invite to the Royal opening of Sunbridgewells

 in Bradford. The locally famous bags were just what the event organisers were looking for. They were given
a shop free of charge for the weekend. Princess Anne was said to be very charming and was 
extrememly impressed with handmade leather bags.

 The unique designs also caught the attention of a film production company in July 2017 who contacted
Victoria Sugden Designs and asked if they would design and make a leather holdall
and some leather bags for a new production. Victoria agreed and went to meet the producers,
art director and celebrities on set in Whitby. The film The Runaways will be out on screen by September 2018.

2017 was also the year of the handmade ceramic buttons. Victoria wanted to create the perfect
 accessories, that could be designed and painted to match each and every single bag and purse.

Victoria Sugden Designs bags are unique and distinctive. The nature of leather, the techniques
 used and the finishing touches, mean than no two bags can ever be the same.The natural raw 
edges are carefully selected from the hides of leather and ceramicbuttons are carefully
hand made and painted to match.

The businesses now has several stockists and a busy online shop.

It is hoped that the leather holdall that was designed for the film will be available to order online very soon.

"I've always believed that whatever you want in life, you can achieve,
it's just a matter of how hard you want to work towards it.
Dreams create visions and visions become future reality if you want them enough.
My business was never just about how much money I could make,
as a craft person, the opportunity to be creative and
produce one off pieces  that customers love and appreciate brings so
 much more pleasure. 
I believe honesty, integrity, trust and respect are key to 
sucessful business relationships, especially small, independent businesses.
 Im extrememly lucky to work with such people, from customers
and suppliers to stockists. Genuine customer care is crucial.
 Although I rarely get any complaints, when I do (button fallen off for example),
 I work with the customer personally to resolve the issue immediately.

 I feel extremely lucky to be able to make a living from something I love doing.
I wake up everyday and can't wait to get to work in my studio, It's just wonderful."

Victoria Sugden




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